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What can we learn from Australian Ag?

With Brexit looming Brown&Co’s George Lane is heading to Australia where farming without direct subsidy is the norm.

George is being seconded to Rural Directions in early October 2018. During a four-week period George will be utilising his knowledge and experience of contract farming agreements in the UK to lead a project on Leasing and Sharefarming Models in South Australia.


Rural Directions Pty Ltd is South Australia’s largest and most innovative agricultural consulting company. Since its humble beginnings in 1997, Rural Directions has continually grown and now employs a team of 24 people operating from five offices throughout Australia.


The driver of this growth has always been to build a professional services business that helps farmers and agribusinesses increase their income, reduce their costs, manage risk and save time. Rural Directions values its independence, and is always working for their client, not a third party.


The objective of this project is to report on leasing and sharefarming business models that could be used in South Australian cropping and grazing regions to better manage seasonal risks for South Australian farmers.


When selected for the exchange George said, ‘I am looking forward to seeing agriculture from a different perspective. It will be interesting to see how the challenges which farmers in Australia face differ from those that we encounter. Equally, if there are similar challenges, how strategies or methods for tackling these challenges in Australia may vary from those we use in the UK.’


Whilst in Australia, George will also learn about Rural Directions business and investigate transferable practices that could be beneficial to Brown & Co back in the UK. In particular how farmers in Australia manage to keep their costs down, both variable and fixed, so that they can survive and thrive without direct subsidy support. In the second quarter of 2019, Brown & Co will reciprocate by hosting a Rural Directions consultant for a similar four-week period. 


We will be following George’s journey whilst out in Australia – watch this space and keep up to date by following our social media accounts;

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