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Now the Agricultural Transition period has begun the implications for the industry have become apparent. Combine this with Brexit, it is clear that we are in a position of change. The Brown&Co Spring Webinars focus on both the impacts of Brexit and the transition period for each sector. Although we know that change is upon us, there will be new opportunities for many. These webinars will discuss how you can plan for both the changes and the upcoming opportunities.

Tuesday 2nd March 2021, 4:30pm-6:00pm
Introducing our speakers below:
Phil Dunn, a Partner in Brown&Co who specialises in advising client delivering business performance and change. The Brexit deal exposed the potato industry to some challenges and Phil will provide an overview of where the industry is at present, and what opportunities and challenges it faces in the coming years.

Bradley Hurn, a senior associate in our King’s Lynn office. Bradley has a wealth of experience in advising arable farmers. In particular he focuses on net margin, bench marking and in some cases the opportunity of collaboration. Bradley will provide a snap shot of this sector, highlighting the impact of the last 24 months on the sector and the impact it will have on arable farmers during the next 24 months.

Tim Young, previously a member of the NFU British Sugar Board. Tim is at the forefront of understanding the position the sugar industry is in at the present time. Tim’s presentation will focus on the contracts on offer and the direction of travel for the sugar industry as a whole.

Lottie Hill, an associate in our Norwich office. Having a wealth of knowledge and experience advising farmers and landed estates on environmental matters Lottie’s presentation will provide an insight to the environmental changes which are occurring from the schemes which are available, application deadlines but also the proposed ELMS scheme which will come to fruition in the next two years.

Greg Beeton, a Divisonal Partner at Brown & Co. Greg has extensive experience in agriculture, business and strategic management in the UK and internationally. Responsible for Defra engagements, natural capital and carbon initiatives within Brown&Co as well as working with a range of farming clients to ensure viable business models and financial sustainability underpin sustainable food production. Greg's presentation will be focusing on the opportunities that the new carbon markets will provide for farmers.

​​​​​​Thursday 4th March 2021, 4:30pm-6:00pm
Introducing our speakers below:
Simon Wearmouth, a Partner in our Norwich office. Originally from the South West, Simon will provide an overview of the livestock sector focusing primarily on the Beef and Sheep industry. From discussing market factors, to prices, it will provide an insight into the sector as we transition through the next 8 years.

Non Thorne, an associate in our Banbury office. Non specialises in dairy consultancy, providing advice to a range of dairy farmers with differing dairy systems. The presentation will detail the changes that are occurring in the industry along with highlighting both the constraints and opportunities the industry faces during this transition period.

Will Scott, a senior associate based in our Norwich office. Will has been heavily involved in delivering poultry units and assessing their potential financial performance, right the way through to project build and managing the overall investment. Will, will be summarising the industry as it stands today, providing a brief overview of the opportunities for the sector post Brexit.

Lottie Hill, an associate in our Norwich office. Lottie has a wealth of knowledge and experience advising farmers and land estates on environmental matters. Lottie’s presentation will provide insight into the environmental changes occurring from the schemes which are available, application deadlines as well as the proposed ELM scheme which will come to fruition in the next two years.

The session will be followed by a Q&A from our panel, aswell as a discussion on the agricultural transition period, highlighting things to consider, including opportunities available to the sector as we begin to see Basic Payment Reductions.
Charles Whitaker- Managing Partner.
Paul Waberski- Partner & Head of ABC.
Rob Hughes- Partner & Livestock and Dairy specialist.
Phil Dunn- Partner & Arable and Potato specialist.

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Tuesday 2nd March

Thursday 4th March