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The government has launched a small grants scheme for farmers wanting to invest in key pieces of equipment for their livestock, arable and horticultural enterprises. The money is there to support investments in animal welfare, resource efficiency and nutrient management.

Translated into practical terms this means that there is the opportunity to buy key pieces of equipment for forty percent less than you would have done outside the grant scheme. The key equipment includes livestock equipment, precision farming equipment and resource management equipment. There is a shopping list of products from which you can pick. The government have allocated each item a standard cost. If you are looking to improve your cattle, sheep or pig handling system, you want to invest in technology for your dairy, you need a precision farming tool for your tractor, or you wish to buys some new slurry handling facilities; then you should look at the list of eligible items. The value of the grant ranges from £3,000 to £12,000, the fund is limited to £60 Million, so act now to access your slice.


To find out more, check your eligibility and access a grant for your project, call your local Brown and Co office.