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A professional, confidential, comparative analysis of your farm's enterprises and key costs to assess how well your business is performing against others.

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Benchmarking is a means of measuring your business's financial and physical performance against a range of other data, allowing you the opportunity to improve management. Benchmarking is often used as part of a whole farm appraisal, within a contract farming operation or undertaken as an individual exercise.

  • An opportunity to compare your business performance against others
  • A comparison of similar size or type of businesses
  • An assessment of enterprise gross or net margins
  • Comparison of yields, variable and fixed costs

Why Brown&Co?

Our consultants are experienced in arable, livestock, vegetable, root, horticultural and diversification sectors. With many years experience in advising businesses of all types and sizes we have a detailed knowledge required to advise you.

  • We have a detailed knowledge of the sector
  • Experience with both large or small businesses
  • Access to a large range of comparable information both locally and across the region
  • We take a critical and impartial view in assessing the business
  • We are experienced, expert and value for money

How you benefit

A benchmarking analysis provides a platform to identify strengths and weaknesses. It could result in identifying areas where improvements are possible.

  • Identify strengths and weaknesses within a business
  • Save costs
  • Improve profitability
  • Empower decision makers, allowing informed decisions to be made based on knowledge and understanding, not gut feel


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