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Budgeting and ensuring sufficient cashflow are vital to all businesses and lack of cash is often the main reason why businesses fail.

Brown&Co have developed a bespoke budgeting tool designed for farms and estates which we can tailor to your business.  This gives our clients the benefit of much improved financial planning and cash flow management.  Embracing volatility is inevitable in the current financial climate; however having a robust budget allows clients to make informed decisions at the right time giving all stakeholders reassurance that, even in periods of depressed yields or prices, confidence remains.

A budget and cashflow provides you with a detailed plan and analysis of the physical and financial aspects of your business. It can be used to evaluate performance, identify areas for improvement or new opportunities.  The budget also includes a cashflow, which monitors progress through time so deviations are identified and can be managed where necessary.  A budget and cashflow are also vital to support bank overdraft and future lending requirements. A budget includes the collation of information–such as cropping, yields, variable costs, fixed costs, one off capital costs and director’s costs or private family costs.

The advantages to you are;

  • A detailed personal report assessing the profitability of your business and its enterprises 
  • An analysis of costs which can be benchmarked 
  • An evaluation of changes in the enterprise mix or new opportunities; for example would additional land taken on be profitable or should cropping be changed? 
  • The accompanying cashflow translates the physical and detailed financial summaries into an expected bank account position on a monthly and annual basis
  • To highlight areas of strength or weakness


Robust cash flow forecasting can save your business money and allow you to manage volatility effectively

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