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It is important that all farm businesses regularly undertake a business appraisal so that you can stand back and consider all of your options for the future.

A business appraisal provides you with a unique detailed assessment and analysis of the physical and financial performance of your farm or estate.

Our Service

The conclusions are aimed to assist with change, decision making or purely to maximise financial performance. It is normally much more productive to undertake this with an outside advisor so they can help you benchmark against other similar businesses as well as advising you on routes you may not have even considered.

At Brown&Co we have over 25 years of experience in advising farm businesses of all types and sizes and have a reputation for practical, effective advice that achieves great results. An appraisal would be led by an experienced consultant with the support of the whole of our industry leading team.

An all-encompassing review concluding with a detailed report

  • A formal evaluation of historic performance over a period of time
  • Production of a detailed budget and cashflow
  • An opportunity to benchmark the business against similar businesses
  • Assessment of performance of staff, advisors or managers
  • Evaluation of existing enterprise profitability
  • Assessment of restricting factors such as soil type, buildings etc
  • Identification of new ideas and ventures
  • An opportunity to maximise the performance of your business

Why Brown&Co?

An experienced team who provide a timely professional service, ensuring no detail is overlooked. We have over 25 years of experience in advising businesses of all types and sizes with a reputation for practical, effective advice. We understand an appraisal can involve discussing issues with you that are often unique and privileged – we do not take this lightly nor underestimate the trust that you put in us.

  • Our consultants are experienced in arable, livestock, vegetable, root and horticultural sectors
  • We are a multifaceted company with expertise across business consultancy and land agency disciplines
  • We have wide experience of dealing with other professional services to include banking, accountants or the legal profession
  • We give practical realistic advice.
  • Our opinion is unbiased and not clouded by internal views or history
  • We are experienced, expert and value for money

How you benefit

  • Improved financial performance if that is your aim
  • Improved understanding of all aspects of business management
  • Empowers, allowing informed decisions to be made based on knowledge and understanding, not gut feel
  • Helps interactions with other professionals such as the bank manager

An appraisal provides a platform to identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities or threats. It could result in a change of focus, the identification of a new opportunity, or the direction to maximize the existing assets – Brown&Co can be a ‘one-stop-shop’ in this respect.


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