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Tendering for Joint Venture and Farm Business Tenancy opportunities with professionalism is vital to ensure your tender is received in a manner which makes your proposal stand out when comparing it to others.

Our Service

The process includes budgeting the opportunity whilst considering the impact on your existing business, completing a full tender document which describes your business and intentions if successful and benchmarking your offer with the market by consulting recent results. It is vital to ensure any additional farming opportunity can contribute to overall profitability, too often we see the reverse of this and although businesses experience increased turnover this comes at a cost.

Why Brown&Co

Our consultants and Land Agents work side by side to ensure the most recent market information can contribute to the overall decisions which is dictated by budgets. We have experience in a vast array of joint ventures and tenancy tendering and are used to the requirements of the opportunity providers.

  • Detailed knowledge of the sector
  • An full armoury of joint venture experience
  • Impartial view on market forces
  • Practical implication of partial budgets
  • Experienced, expert and value for money

How you benefit

We produce the most professional and comprehensive tender reports including full budget analysis allowing you to make informed decisions on the financial implications. This also allows the landlord or joint venture partner to see that your business is professional and the project can be beneficial to both parties. It is essential to demonstrate that the opportunities have longevity as well as a competitive offering.

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