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Ga Ga Barn, Norfolk
  • Sector(s): Residential
  • Location: Norfolk
  • Status: Completed
  • Project staff: Ed Plumb, Fraser Hall
  • Photography: Joakim Boren

Ga Ga Barn, Norfolk

Through the determination and keen eye for detail, the Client has brought a former dilapidated tradition Flint Barn back to life. The quality of the workmanship and finish are clear, and this makes the most of a fantastic building in a wonderful setting.

The principle planning challenge here was that the building sits outside the development boundary, and it was initially considered that there was not enough of the original building remaining to form a conversion.  We put an argument together around the cultural and historical importance of these buildings in the setting and their value in being retained and brought back to life.  The project went to Planning Committee and we were successful in presenting this argument.

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