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Property Auction Review 2024

Property Auction Review 2024

Tue 06 Feb 2024

Land & property auctions

At Brown&Co, the start of the year marks a period of reflection. It's a time to review the past twelve months and strategise for the future. This year is no different - we are thrilled by the successes we had in 2023 and are certain that, as we continue to improve our auction service, we can maintain the momentum and enjoy a fantastic 2024.

Peter Hornor, Partner, Chartered Surveyor and Auctioneer, says, "The development of our online platform has helped a great deal - although it is sad that we no longer hold in-room auctions in the Assembly House in Norwich, there is no doubt that the new approach provides us with a much better coverage and it is unlikely that we will go back to the old methods.

In 2023, we sold some 140 lots throughout the price ranges with outstanding results - particularly for small areas of land, where we continue to demonstrate that creating competition can maximise value for our clients."

We are delighted to offer property auction services from our Norwich, Lincoln and Retford offices, covering Norfolk, Suffolk, Cambridgeshire, Lincolnshire and Nottinghamshire. We are holding an auction at least once a month during 2024, which is a great increase on previous years and proves how our service has moved forward.
Peter Hornor, Partner, Chartered Surveyor & Auctioneer

Peter continues, "Our next auction on 21st February has 21 lots available, and we have two auctions in March, on 13th and 27th.

Auctions suit a number of properties, but in particular houses in need of renovation or executor sales. We hope to speak to you soon and show you how we can help unlock value."

To find out more, please call Peter Hornor on 01603 629871 at the earliest opportunity and we can provide advice without obligation, looking after your property requirements. To view our auction calendar, please click here

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