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Basic Payment Scheme (BPS) Update 2015

We have been pleased to see some significant BPS receipts hitting bank accounts in recent weeks after months of non-activity and sparse information from the Rural Payments Agency (RPA). For those unlucky enough to still be awaiting payment, unfortunately there is little that can be done to chase the RPA and they will not be in a position to enlighten you in respect of likely payment dates. We are informed that most claimants should be paid in February but undoubtedly there will still be outstanding claims at the end of the month.

Those who have been paid will have received a remittance advice and will shortly be receiving their Claim Statements. At current estimations 20% of our clients have received lower than expected payments. If you would like us to check your Claim Statement and provide assistance in appealing to the RPA if necessary then please contact your local Brown & Co Agricultural Business Consultancy department.