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Romania highly regarded by Investors

Romanian farmland continues to attract large levels of attention from international farmland owners and investors.

Agriculturally, much of Romania has the soil and climate to ensure excellent farming returns. As a recent entrant to the European Union, Romania will also receive increased subsidy funding for the next seven years so as to be almost in line with much of Western Europe by the next CAP reform. Moreover, new generous European grant funding is available (up to 50% of the cost of the investment) to purchase machinery, irrigation or crop storage projects.

The market place for farms range from the early stage investment projects where the investor takes a proactive involvement consolidating small land holdings and increasing on-farm infrastructure so as to end up with an efficient large scale farm. There are also less risky, more consolidated and modern farms for sale where the current owner has undertaken the consolidation project through the early stages and is selling the amalgamated land, ready for more western style farming but still at significant discounts to Western values. If investing abroad, on any scale, is of interest to you please contact our International department.