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Sporting Rights – Getting it Right

Hunting, shooting and fishing are arguably more popular now than at any time in the history of field sports. It is therefore no surprise that sporting rights on your land can be worth a significant sum. It is becoming increasingly popular to trade these in their own right and in a world of reducing farm subsidies this can be a welcome addition to farming revenue. However, there are pitfalls which must be considered.

When buying land or water courses you need to be 100% sure of what is involved with regards to sporting rights. You may find that the rights have been sold off separately in the past or that they no longer apply. It is vital to understand the implications in the long term.

When considering the letting of sporting rights on your land or water it is important to make sure that the rent and the rent review provision are satisfactory and that a water tight license agreement is in place to ensure you are protected. Sourcing and selecting suitable tenants is another crucial part of the process and must be embarked upon carefully. Other options such as retaining certain parts of the land or days in lieu of rent should also be considered. We have had significant successes recently in letting out shooting and fishing rights and can help you make the most of these opportunities.