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Tips For Auction Presentation And Marketing

It hardly seems possible, but looking through my file I see that I have been writing auction articles for the EDP for the last 10 years!  I hope readers are not totally bored:  I have enjoyed putting my thoughts together.  It is equally hard to believe that we are now preparing for yet another autumn auction sale!

We commence our advertising campaign towards the end of this month and we have some 4 weeks to go til we close the books, so there is plenty of time for people keen to maximise value to contact either myself or Trevor Blythe.

Auctions are all about results and we have had a good run and certainly, as I said in my last article, the sale immediately after the Brexit vote was I think a vote of confidence really for the property market in our region.  Let us hope that the demand for property throughout the price ranges continues.

To date, entries for the next sale include flats in Great Yarmouth and Norwich, a cottage in South Norfolk, a grain store with potential in mid-Norfolk, part of a former school in West Norfolk and a variety of interesting premises on outskirts the of the city, together with terraced houses.  We are very busy looking at potential lots and liaising with clients to make things happen in the coming weeks.

At the risk of repeating myself, and probably because we are busy putting all the last minute details together at the moment, I would remind everybody that we take presentation and our marketing approach very seriously indeed.  Clear and precise presentation and description is vital, as well as realistic assessment, and here are some tips from us.

General Description:  Really important to get this right and needs to cover the construction, accommodation and services where possible. We always try to refer to condition because this will give buyers an indication of whether a property needs a great deal of work doing to it or not, but clearly buyers need to rely on their own survey prior to auction.  This is particularly the case with auctions because often properties do need a lot doing to them.

Photographs:  Very important whether the smallest or the largest house or land, photographs tell the story and are the first thing that prospective buyers will see.  Quality is vital.

Location:  Buyers need to know where a property is situated and a little bit of detail about the town or village will help.

Planning Matters:  Information is vital.  For example, if a property is Listed you need to know about it.  Listings can include boundary walls and outbuildings as well.

Floor Plans:  Where possible, we insist on including a floor plan now because buyers are more discerning nowadays and it is important to show the layout of rooms and how they might affect the enjoyment of a property.

OS/Location Plan:  These will set out precise boundaries and the area of the property to be sold and are very important.

Legal Matters:  The legal pack is vital and we make this available to buyers via the Essential Information Group.

Guide Price:  Guide prices need to be realistic to create the interest and competition and to enable us to maximise value for our clients.  The guide price is always made quite clear.

We look forward to the coming weeks and we then look forward to our advertising campaign in September.  

If you have any queries please contact us so we can help and look after you and your property requirements.

Peter Hornor