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Land markets in developing economies represent opportunity but are challenging when it comes to understanding values.  Many business’ have complex asset bases consisting of owned land/ leased land, infrastructure, moveable assets, work in progress etc and require depth of understanding to accurately establish value.   In markets where leasehold only is available – values can be volatile as commodity price movements may have a multiplier effect on leashold values.

The highest Professional Standards

  • Using RICS standards and conforming to the ”Red Book” provides confidence in professional standards and valuation methodology and is globally recognised.
  • Annual audited reports with RICS valuation; semi-annual interim reports add credibility and strength to a portfolio.
  • Industry recognised as the only professional services provider who can provide RICS valuations across multiple countries.
  • Adopt principles of RICS, market valuations based on most recent comparable market evidence.
  • Declared and highlighted assumptions where relevant.
  • Comparables captured through an existing database of transactional data which presently documents circa 500,000 hectares of  available and completed deals over the past 5 years.
  • Long standing relationships with existing operators allows detailed transactional data to be disclosed.
  • Monitoring state policy and development.

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