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We provides an easy and stress free guide to renewable energy opportunities, ensuring your business pursues the most suitable project in a timely and efficient manner.

Our service

We provide a quicker more thorough understanding of a new and unregulated industry helping you avoid any pitfalls. We can help to generate your business an additional income whilst reducing energy costs, this will lead to increased asset value to farmer or landowner.

The service can provide either an overview of the potential opportunities available in all of the renewable sectors or specific advice tailored to your needs of a particular technology. Our expertise includes large and small scale wind, solar PV, biomass and energy crops, anaerobic digestion and large to small scale thermal power.

By carrying out renewable energy audits we can identify and assess potential opportunities and technologies based on your specific site, resources and preferences.

Our evaluation and advice will look into project feasibility, whilst including an in depth financial analysis. We can then implement projects by obtaining quotations, tendering and submitting planning applications. We are able to offer further advice with various funding options as well as assistance with overseeing the completion of the project if required.

Why Brown&Co?

Renewable energy can now be a minefield with many companies offering conflicting advice and products. Our professional experts can advise you on what, if any solutions are practical and profitable for your farm, warn you of all the potential pitfalls and assist you to realise projects on time and on budget.

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