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Looking Back and Looking Forward

It is a great pleasure to have been asked to write an article for the autumn property review and it hardly seems possible that I have been putting these articles together for some 10 – 12 years now.

 Caroline Culot alluded to this in her article last week and she and her team at Archant should be very proud of what they have achieved with the supplement over the last 10 years.  I am sure readers will agree that it is a very good “read”, improving all the time, with articles about houses, the increasing use of technology, etc., but never forgetting the human element as well.


 Coincidentally, I took over the auctioneering role at Brown & Co some 10 or 11 years ago from my partner, Nick Saffell, and I am still enjoying it 10 years on. Indeed, I hope that I will still be enjoying it in another 10 years!


 A lot has changed, but much is still the same and I enclose a snippet from an article that I wrote back in 2005 which shows that the auction process has not altered a great deal.  Computers haven’t taken over some 10 years on and we still have to deal with viewings, negotiate with people, talk to people about the market and hopefully sell on the day.


 Article first published in November 2005:-



It is difficult to ignore the heightened profile of Brown & Co in Norwich this year and in particular with the ever expanding auction department.  More and more people are talking about the buying and selling of property, and with the forthcoming introduction of Home Information Reports there is no doubt that the differing methods of sale available to buyers are to the forefront in everybody’s minds.


Brown & Co have been auctioning property for many years but have made a decision over the course of the last 24 months to expand their auction department and were pleased to announce that Chris McEvoy was joining them earlier this year.  Both Chris and Peter Hornor have developed this service and there have been very good results this year, with a number of interesting and different types of property suitable for sale by auction throughout the city and county.


In particular, the firm was pleased to offer for sale a most interesting Gothic style property in Stoke Holy Cross which generated a great deal of interest, showing how keen people are to live in close proximity to Norwich and to acquire period property in need of renovation.  Otherwise, city terraces and cottages and farmhouses throughout Norfolk have been sold through the agency and Brown & Co looks forward to its next auction on 7th December.


You will all agree that this article could be written exactly like this today, just to show that the process continues much the same as ever.

 In any event, we have been working very hard and with three weeks to go until our autumn auction we are very busy, with plenty of interest in all our lots and again we are delighted with the variety we have on offer, with property in the city and county all sensibly priced and we hope we will be successful on the day.


 We are also busy looking at properties for our winter sale in early December and again if anybody would like to know more about the auction process and how we can help, we would be delighted to talk to them.


 Auctions are here to stay and we look forward to helping people with their property requirements, whether buyers or sellers.


Peter Hornor