Since February, Brown & Co have been taking every reasonable step we can to ensure all our business is conducted in a way that minimises the risk of the spread of Covid-19 to our employees, customers, clients and contractors.

We can confirm all our offices and all our employees' working practices adhere to the government's Covid-Secure standards and safer working practices. We are 'Covid Secure'.

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The Importance of a Personal and Professional Service

January is all about looking forward and we are currently busy putting together the lots for our March auction and will be advertising in early February, with a preliminary announcement followed by full advertising in mid-February. We have some interesting and varied lots, which is very exciting, and over the course of the next 2-3 weeks we are still looking at other possible entries. 

One of the things we pride ourselves on at Brown & Co is the personal approach and nothing is more important when it comes to selling property at auction than the ground work that we undertake, to include viewings. 

One of our selling points is that we hold regular open days at the various properties that we sell and where possible either myself or auction manager, Trevor Blythe, carry out these viewings to be sure that we are able to get across the particular points that relate to individual lots. This is an important point because all properties are different and we need to be able to get across the various factors that will affect value, including the setting, condition, proximity of towns, villages, etc. Very often, our detailed knowledge of the property can help viewers come to a decision about what they want to do. 

We had a very good example of this at our last auction; we had 17 lots and one lot in particular was a farmhouse in South Norfolk and just one week before the auction i was delighted to show a couple round this farmhouse. Early on, they realised that it wasn't for them and they happened to say that they were looking for something on its own by the River Really. I immediately put them on to another lot which we were selling by the river and one week later they came to the auction and bought it! So attention to detail is important! 

These things don't happen that often but it was very gratifying at the time and but for our chance meeting at a property in South Norfolk the buyers of the property by the river would not have had their lives changed!

There are so many other ingredients that go towards a successful auction, including quality of catalogue, good advertising, realism as far as guide prices are concerned, etc, but focussing on viewings and providing a personal service and all the detail that prospective purchasers require is something that we do well and we look forward to helping people with their property requirements as we move towards the spring auction

Peter Hornor