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We offer a mapping service specifically designed for farmers, estate owners, landowners, tenants or anyone involved in managing a rural business.

Our Service

Using brand new GPS equipment with RTK accuracy, we can import mapping data from either Ordnance Survey or use on-farm shapefile data.  We can map any areas of land showing the exact position or measurements for:

  • Cropping
  • Environmental Stewardship options
  • Greening requirements
  • Farm boundaries
  • Drainage pipes

This information can be used for:

  • Land Registry purposes
  • Mapping utility services
  • Amending RPA map data
  • Producing commercial site plans
  • Dealing with boundary disputes
  • Measuring woodland

The data can be displayed on a wide range of backgrounds and layers depending on your requirements.


Why Brown&Co?

At Brown&Co, we have considerable experience of mapping and the issues that may arise or be solved by accurate maps This new technology gives our rural professionals the best equipment to quickly and accurately provide the information required and resolve any issues you may have.

  • Accurate to <10cm
  • Ability to print large scale maps and produce PDFs

How you Benefit

Maps are a crucial tool for any rural business and as many rural services go online, it is important that maps reflect what is on the ground, measuring features and distances quickly and accurately. This service provides:

  • Reliable information for liaising with third parties such as the RPA, Natural England or other agencies.
  • Having an accurate map can be a reference point for information, a valuable management tool and simplify record keeping.
  • This service allos you to resolve any disputes that may arise with boundaries or areas quickly and accurately.
  • All information can be summarised on one electronic document to save keeping pages of plans.
  • Accurate and detailed maps can be reproduced and printed in varying sizes at the touch of a button.

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