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Our clients find that digital mapping not only ensures protection of boundaries but also aids ongoing management and opportunities.

Our Service

Using the most up to date mapping software we prepare comprehensive digital maps of farms and estates.  The plans can be produced on a whole farm or estate basis, or as extracts to deal with individual property lettings or boundary issues. The plans are built up in layers to show a multitude of relevant data such as:

  • Ownership
  • Occupation
  • Cropping
  • Stewardship options
  • Land use
  • Rights of way
  • Health & Safety hazards
  • Utilities
  • Land Registry data
  • Rural Payments Agency data

The plans can be produced on a whole farm or estate basis, or as extracts to deal with individual property lettings or boundary issues.

Why Brown&Co?

We are highly experienced in using the most up to date software in preparing digital plans and can produce maps efficiently, tailored to your specific needs, without you having to get to grips with the complexities of the programme.

Our experience in this area helps create a map that becomes a central reference point for all relevant information in connection with your holding.  We are able to produce plans at whatever scale on our large scale printers and create PDF versions for easy distribution.

How you benefit

Having a single map as a reference point for information is a valuable management tool and can simplify record keeping.  Visitors or contractors can be provided with maps showing any combination of data relevant to them such as cropping and stewardship for a farm contractor or health and safety hazards and woodland for tree surgeon.  The multitude of maps from the Rural Payments Agency (RPA) and Natural England can be added to one large document, saving you the frustration of having pages and pages of updated plans to work through.

The up to date digital data focuses attention of boundary issues and is a good opportunity to highlight any issues to deal with.  The Land Registration process is far simpler with a modern map to work from.

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