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Benchmarking Contract Farming Agreements (CFAs) by comparing to other farms will highlight any particular issues with either crop performance or the financial return to either party.

At Brown&Co we have a database of over 30,000 acres which can be used to assess the common trends in CFA returns.

Our Service

  • Comparison of financial returns to other farms in the area or with similar soil type
  • An analysis of whether the CFA is financially viable
  • Comparison of standard gross margin data
  • Inform decisions when tendering for new CFA opportunities

Why Brown&Co

Our consultants have a vast and in depth knowledge of CFAs and use this information to proactively utilise the database to add the greatest value to your business. The geographical coverage across the country ensures that not just regional anomalies are measured, providing you with a true and accurate reflection of the market place.

  • Access to over 30,000 acres of CFAs
  • Information readily available for both small and large farms from each harvest year
  • We have full understanding of CFAs and how they work for both parties
  • Knowledge transfer between our many offices

How You Benefit

Comparing the financial returns and a comparison of farm productivity ensures any issues are highlighted and can be addressed. Due to the variation in structures of CFAs, a weighting to one particular party could be resolved especially at the point of re-negotiation.

  • Assess any weaknesses in the CFA
  • Outline the reasons why the returns may not be as good as the industry average
  • Make informed decisions on the future of the agreement

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