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A professional service to evaluate, and if appropriate, set up and manage contract farming, share farming or joint ventures. These can offer excellent opportunities to make farms and estates more profitable.

Our Service

An industry leading team of professional and experienced farm business consultants can provide you with a range of services – advising on contract farming, share farming or other labour and machinery joint venture agreements.

  • Advice on alternative joint venture options (which one is best for you) –labour and machinery sharing/ contract farming/ cooperatives
  • Understanding the financial implications
  • Understanding the trading, capital and taxation implications
  • Finding joint venture partners
  • Tendering for a joint venture
  • Organising the formal paperwork
  • Managing the agreement
  • Appraising existing joint venture agreements

Why Brown&Co?

An experienced team who provide a professional, practical and friendly service. We have over 25 years of experience dealing with such arrangements and currently advise on over 150 contract farming and joint venture arrangements on over 40,000 acres. We are experienced in managing change – change is always difficult and we understand that it should be sensitively and carefully handled.

  • Expert, specialist staff in the agricultural and rural sector
  • Professional with a high technical understanding of practical farming
  • We have significant current and historical data for comparables and benchmarking
  • Proven efficient processes and systems
  • Competitively priced

How you benefit

Our service is designed to remove all the stress and hassle involved in setting up or running a contract farming or joint venture agreement or monitoring the performance of an existing agreement. The overall result is greater efficiency, better decision making and a more profitable business.

  • Contract agreements & joint ventures allow business partners to work to a common end
  • Potential release of capital to re-invest
  • Create time to spend on other things
  • Retain occupation of the farm and resulting taxation benefits
  • Ensure a fair return in a volatile market
  • Take advantage of the benefits of the economies of scale
  • Ensure operations are carried out in a timely fashion

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