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We offer evaluation and advice on the suitability of the new environmental schemes and guidance of which tier is right for your farm business. We will ensure we maximise income and environmental benefits without restricting the farm business.

Our Service

Led by an experienced consultant, we offer help on farm, in our office, or a mix to suit you.

  • Appraisal of the cost/benefit and practical management of the different tiers
  • Advice on new schemes.
  • Advice on which management options suit your business.
  • Taylor schemes to work with sporting objectives on your farm.
  • Assistance with the manual application to Natural England, including the Farm
  • Environment Record, Options Maps and Application Forms.
  • Advice on Water Catchment Grants and the Historic Environment: Farm Environment Record (HEFER).
  • Provision of full estate map of options.
  • Advice on the implications with the Basic Payment Scheme (BPS) Ecological Focus Areas (EFAs).

Why Brown&Co?

At Brown&Co we have considerable experience of Environmental Schemes, both past and present. Whilst we have significant Environmental experience and dedicated Environmental consultants, we have sound practical farming and financial knowledge. We base our schemes on maximising financial and environmental benefit, whilst increasing agricultural efficiency. All of our advisors have access to the latest, accurate mapping software and state of the art GPS equipment to ensure accuracy.

How you benefit

Our service is designed to remove all the stress and hassle involved in researching, evaluating and applying for a scheme, allowing you the time to concentrate on other farming matters. Clients tell us that they value the fact that they do not need to keep up to date with every latest detail with regards to changes in scheme rules and prescriptions. The overall result is increased efficiency.

  • The new schemes allow less productive corners and margins to generate income (e.g. £640/ha for Wild Bird Mix)
  • Can help you comply with the greening requirements of BPS.
  • Works well with sporting pursuits on the farm/estate.
  • Enhances your own quiet enjoyment of the farm.
  • Demonstrates high environmental credentials to consumers, customers and buyers.

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