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Our consultancy teams provide Cross Compliance advice to agricultural businesses enabling them to meet the standards required to avoid penalties.

Our Service

Cross compliance is the backbone of the rules to Basic Payment Scheme. It is important that businesses claiming BPS meet these minimum requirements to avoid penalties from an inspection by the Rural Payments Agency after other statutory bodies.

• Advice on specific aspects of good agricultural and environmental conditions (GAEC) and statutory management requirements (SMR).
• Compliance with agricultural waste regulations.
• Advice on meeting Nitrate Vulnerable Zone (NVZ) regulations.
• Offer advice and help to challenge cross compliance penalties applied by the RPA to Basic Payment Scheme payments.

Why Brown&Co?

Our consultants have many years experience of subsidy schemes and the rules that apply.

We have specialists in the firm who can drill down in the detail of the rules to provide advice to the client or challenge a penalty by the RPA.

• Detailed knowledge of BPS & Cross Compliance.
• Knowledge of implementing solutions on farm.
• Experience in challenging penalties on farmers due to breach of Cross Compliance.

How you benefit

The BPS payment is a large part of income to any farming business and having support to meet the rules or challenge any penalties is very important.

• Peace of mind that support is available.
• Understanding of the rules and implementation to assist with compliance.
• Help to save the business money by reduction of any penalties by the RPA.

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