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A professional service specifically designed for farmers, estate owners and rural businesses.

Our Service

Brown&Co can help identify possible diversification projects or advise on an existing idea offering guidance on the main issues to consider and maximise the chance of success.  Diversification opportunities broadly fit into one of the three categories: on farm agricultural diversification; on farm non-agricultural diversification; off farm diversification.

  • Assessment of the project idea and concept
  • Review of current resources on farm
  • Feasibility study
  • Market research into the new venture
  • Advice on and completion of planning permissions and associated issues
  • Advise on tenants conditions, legal regulations, finance and tax implications
  • Full business plans
  • Managing the process of obtaining competitive quotations
  • Advise on funding or suitability for grant funding and making a grant application
  • Assisting with project management and monitoring performance

Why Brown&Co?

While our roots are in farming we have a wide range of experience advising all agricultural or rural businesses large or small on diversification opportunities.
Importantly, the reason for diversification should not be as an answer to a failing business and before diversifying it is often worthwhile to review the existing business.

  • Wide range of experience of many types of diversification opportunities
  • We have significant current and historical data for comparables and benchmarking
  • We take a critical, challenging and impartial view and fully understand the reasons for diversification
  • Well maintained relationships with grant administrators and funding providers
  • Experience with both large or small projects
  • We are experienced, expert and value for money

How you benefit

Diversification is nothing new in agriculture and the reasons for it fall into a number of categories; to grow the business; to create new income streams in order to spread business risk; or a strong personal interest in a particular enterprise. A successful diversification enterprise can strengthen the business, and provide the opportunity to expand.

  • Professional support and knowledge makes for better decision making
  • Provides a quicker unbiased understanding of an opportunity
  • Improve profit
  • Provide an exciting new business opportunity
  • An opportunity to spread business risk

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