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Labour & Machinery Costing

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Labour and machinery costs can form the largest proportion of overheads in an arable business. It is important to have a full understanding of the true cost, especially when there are tight margins between profit and loss. It is imperitive to know the cost of an extra 100 acres or contract work or that new FBT.

Our Service

The Brown&Co labour and machinery costing services builds up information from the machinery fleet, work rate, fuel usage, labour utilisation and downtime to provides an accurate cost, understanding the true cost of operations requires in-depth analysis of farm records from fuel receipts to identify each operation undertaken by each tractor and implements.

  • Evaluation of the realistic value of machinery fleet
  • Analysis of labour utilisation, machinery work rate and cost per operation
  • Comparison of operation costs for investments to new technology with respect to potential new equipment purchases

Why Brown&Co

An experienced practical team of consultants are on hand to review your records and substitute realistic industry figures where information is not available to produce an accurate and comprehensive review of the labour and machinery costs in an arable business.

  • Consultants can draw on a vast cutting edge knowledge pool of practical farming operations, new technologies and machinery values
  • Extensive links with key industry players and other professionals
  • Experienced in reviewing financial records and data offering expertise and value for money

How you benefit

Cutting edge services which provides a true reflection of actual labour and machinery costs, which can be monitored annually and benchmarked against similar businesses.

  • Provides a true cost per operation by crop type across multiple enterprise
  • Helps review labour utilisation and efficiency, including down time
  • Identifies where machines, implements and workers are costly and where improvements can be made
  • Assesses the true cost of taking on new opportunities
  • Calculates accurate costing when reviewing contracting rates

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