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Machinery sharing joint ventures may be used on a ‘whole farm’ basis where two or more businesses will share all farm machinery or merely for a single piece of machinery such as a combine or sugar beet harvester.

Our Service

Typically we would advise on the best practical set up and help the parties agree sensible terms and then work with the solicitors and accountants to ensure that the legal side of the agreement reflects the wishes of the parties.

  • Feasibility study
  • Advice on the best practical proposition
  • Agreement of terms
  • Co-ordinating other advisors

Why Brown&Co

Our consultants have extensive experience in the setting up, and subsequent management of machinery sharing agreements ranging from agreements that cover one machine to those that encompass a whole farm machinery schedule. We also understand the importance of the relationship between the parties and we are experienced in managing these, both in machinery sharing agreements and also in other joint ventures.

  • Experience in agreements on a range of scales
  • Knowledge on what works best in certain situations
  • Strong links with the other advisors who will be necessary i.e. accountants and solicitors
  • Sensitive to the relationship between parties
  • We are experienced, expert and value for money

How you benefit

A machinery sharing agreement allows farm machinery to spread over a larger area, allowing for greater economies of scale and therefore reduced costs. The model can also justify the purchasing of larger equipment for smaller farms who otherwise may not be able to replace items such as combine harvesters. Machinery sharing agreements do not need to follow any set formula and can be set up in whatever way best suits the parties involved.

  • Reduced costs
  • Improved efficiency
  • Flexible agreements
  • Justification for machinery replacement

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